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Trinity Tran

Trinity is the co-founder and lead organizer for Public Bank LA, Revolution LA and Divest LA. The Divest LA coalition succeeded in pushing the City of Los Angeles to divest its finances from Wells Fargo Bank in December 2017. Public Bank LA led the grassroots Measure B campaign in the 2018 Midterm General Election in Los Angeles securing over 430,000 votes in support of public banking. Trinity is a founding member and lead organizer of the California Public Banking Alliance (CPBA), a statewide coalition of grassroots groups which conceived and sponsored State Legislative bill AB 857 to create local public banks in California. The ‘Public Banking Act' was signed into law on October 2, 2019. She is a board member of Urban Partners Los Angeles, a non-profit organization dedicated to uplifting the lives of underprivileged communities in Los Angeles through food and educational resources.

David Jette

Dave Jette is a Co-Founder and Legislative Director of Public Bank LA. Dave is a financial analyst and consultant with ten years in the tech, real estate and startup sector. He is a lifelong activist and organizer in the arts and social finance and a resident of Leimert Park.

Ben Hauck

Ben Hauck is a founding team member of Public Bank LA and Political Director. He is the Political Director for Revolution LA and Director of Partnerships for Divest LA. He works on a wide range of progressive issues, but focuses on the environment and fighting for environmental justice. Ben is a trained Climate Reality ambassador, where he communicates about climate change science, challenges and solutions. He is the creator of Fight Climate Denial, an organization dedicated to combating misinformation and misdirection from the fossil fuel industry and its denialist networks. When Ben is not trying to save humanity from itself, he can be found hiking in the mountains of California or camping under the stars with his trusty telescope and a cold IPA.

Carlos Marroquin

Carlos Marroquin is a founding team member of Public Bank LA and Director of Community Organizing, Founder Occupy Fights Foreclosures, and Lead Organizer of Bernie Sanders Brigade.

Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon is an organizer with Public Bank LA and California Public Bank Alliance. Ben has been a lender to social service and affordable housing providers for eight years, currently working with a leading CDFI. He researched with a Wolf Prize winning applied economist at UC Berkeley, publishing 12 papers, editing 2 research books, and helping organize several symposia. He also helped start a youth leadership organization growing to work in 3 countries with over 40 high schools and universities.

Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown, J.D is the Founder and Chairman of the Public Banking Institute and Public Bank LA Advisory Board Member. Ellen developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. She is the author of 12 books, including the groundbreaking Web of Debt and The Public Bank Solution. In the latter book, traces the history and evolution of the current private banking system, showing how it usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how the people can take that power back through public banks operating in the public interest. Ellen has written over 200 articles, and originally served as Chairman and President. She has degrees from UC Berkeley and UCLA School of Law.

Marc Armstrong

Marc Armstrong is the President of Commonomics USA, Founder of Divest and Build and Public Bank LA Advisory Board Member. Marc is a communications and operations professional who has helped shape the public banking movement, beginning when he co-founded the Public Banking Institute in 2011. He recently helped launch the California Public Banking Alliance and the Friends of Public Banking campaign. With a work history that includes working for IBM Finance and software development partners of SAP, Marc brings a deep understanding of banking and organizing to the public banking movement.

Madeline Merritt

Madeline Merritt is a core organizer with Public Bank LA. For the 2018 #YesOnB campaign in Los Angeles, she was Community Outreach Director, securing endorsements from inter-sectional groups across the nation. Her goal is to divest public dollars from financial institutions that are funding the destruction of our planet. She is a water protector and community organizer who seeks to transform global systems to put the long term interests of people and planet over the short term interests of the few. She believes many of the world's issues can be addressed by shifting financial power to the public interest, and using profit to fund our communities' just transition to a regenerative economy.

Irene Montantes

Irene Montantes is an Indigenous Apache/Mexica and a mother of two, with a unique background. Irene completed numerous academic/educational courses in social work that led to employment from 2002 - 2010 with organizations like FOTF - Young parents’ program, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), and as an Addiction Counselor. Irene grew a passion for social Justice and began her journey as a human rights and civil rights activist in 2012. Irene has been a part of several movements, including Divest LA as a founding team member, media leader & Director of Community Outreach, Street Team leader for Public Bank LA and active roles with Indigenous Rights, No DAPL & the anti-GMO protests.

Since her journey as an activist she contributed to establishing Revolution LA. Currently, she is a News Reporter with KPFK Radio - Pacifica Evening News and a Board Member of Urban Partners Los Angeles, a Non-Profit organization that helps creates and encourages charitable programs of education, health, social service and community activity for impoverished people living in the Westlake – Koreatown neighborhoods. Irene’s human rights and social work is not just for the communities that she loves, it’s for her two boys, Isaiah age 5 and Jacob age 16, whom she supports by working at a Law Firm as an Assistant to an Attorney.

Larry Cohen

Larry Cohen is an L.A. based activist and community leader who founded BuildTheFloor.org and is working to build coalitions and create advocates across the country to support the concept of Universal Basic Income (UBI). He also is a founding signatory of the Economic Security Project, which is exploring how cash can help people adapt to our new economy. Larry is recognized as a leading speaker on UBI and has presented on NPR, various podcasts, and at top universities and local activist events across the US.