Lend your skills and talents to put an end to Wall Street greed and join the historic efforts to create the Public Bank of Los Angeles and the first municipal public bank in the nation! 

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Trinity Tran

Trinity is the co-founder and lead organizer of Public Bank LA, California Public Banking Alliance, and Divest LA. The Divest LA coalition succeeded in pushing the City of Los Angeles to divest its finances from Wells Fargo Bank in December 2017. Trinity led the grassroots Measure B campaign in the 2018 Midterm General Election in Los Angeles securing over 430,000 votes in support of public banking. Trinity is a founding member and lead organizer of the California Public Banking Alliance (CPBA), a statewide coalition of grassroots groups which conceived and sponsored State Legislative bill AB 857 to create local public banks in California. The ‘Public Banking Act' was signed into law on October 2, 2019. She is the Executive Director of Urban Partners Los Angeles (UPLA) and oversees the UPLA food bank. 


David Jette

David Jette is a business and technology executive and social finance advocate from Los Angeles. He helped to co-found Public Bank LA and the California Public Banking Alliance and is a speaker and volunteer organizer for economic justice and innovation efforts across the U.S. Separate from his advocacy, David has spent 10 years with Innovent Capital Group as Director of Business Development and entrepreneur-in-residence, where he oversees, consults for and operates portfolio companies including pioneers in commercial and consumer lending, financial technology, and retail and consumer products.

Ben Gordon

Ben Gordon is the Director of Lending and Housing with Public Bank LA and California Public Bank Alliance. Ben has been a lender to social service and affordable housing providers for eight years, currently working with a leading CDFI. He researched with a Wolf Prize winning applied economist at UC Berkeley, publishing 12 papers, editing 2 research books, and helping organize several symposia. He also helped start a youth leadership organization growing to work in 3 countries with over 40 high schools and universities.

Naveen Agrawal

Naveen Agrawal is the Finance Director of Public Bank Los Angeles and organizer with the California Public Bank Alliance. He comes to the movement from his work in affordable housing development -- an industry that depends on private finance to provide a public, human right. He views public banking as an opportunity to change how our city provides for generations to come. He's also an avid cyclist and has high hopes for a city blanketed in green space and bike lanes.

Jiyoung Carolyn Park

Jiyoung Carolyn Park is an organizer with Public Bank LA. She is a Sustainable Economies Legal Fellow with law practice focusing on sustainable economies, labor, employment, and civil rights. She is an elected neighborhood council governing board member and a member of the Neighborhood Council Sustainability Alliance. She sees a public bank as a way for Angelenos to invest in our own communities and reap the benefits of our labor. You may spot her riding around the city on her bicycle and at farmers markets.

Daniel Pelegero

Dan Pelegero is an organizer with Public Bank LA, specializing in payments architecture and card acceptance operations. He believes in the power that banking has in creating equity and that a public bank creates money for the greatest spread of Los Angelenos.

Ben Hauck

Ben Hauck is the Political Director for Public Bank LA. He works on a wide range of progressive issues, but focuses on the environment and fighting for environmental justice. Ben is a trained Climate Reality ambassador, where he communicates about climate change science, challenges and solutions. He is the creator of Fight Climate Denial, an organization dedicated to combating misinformation and misdirection from the fossil fuel industry and its denialist networks. When Ben is not trying to save humanity from itself, he can be found hiking in the mountains of California or camping under the stars with his trusty telescope and a cold IPA.